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Many a time we have jewelry that we have used over a long period, and it just doesn’t appeal to us anymore. We now begin to look for methods to dispose of it either by selling or just straight out neglecting it.

What if you could have gold plating jewelry services for all those jewelry that has served the test of time and you want to improve its quality. Or you sell jewelry and you want to take your services a notch higher by introducing gold plating.

This is where Goldgenie comes in. Goldgenie is a gold plating jewelry services provider who specializes in the gold plating of all kinds of metal and some non-metals, so having your jewelry touched up with whatever finish you want will be a piece of cake.

What If Your Jewelry is Not Old, You Just Want To Improve It?

Whatever “what ifs” you have, Goldgenie is only a website click away.  They have finishes that include 24k gold, silver, rose gold, platinum, Swarovski crystals.

Interestingly, every work of Goldgenie comes backed with a certificate of Genuity, this means for every job, you get a certificate that proves the originality and authenticity of your work so you can be very well assured of quality and durability that won’t fade.

This is well translated to your jewelry after being plated by Goldgenie is durable enough to last you through a lifetime and beyond that. What better way to invest than having gold plating jewelry services done? Keeping in mind that gold always appreciates in value.

More interestingly, you don’t have to pay for the services rendered to you in cash or with a credit card. goldgenie.com provides you with a seamless and easy payment system. With the incorporation of the crypto technology payment system, you can pay for gold-plating jewelry services with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other technology structured means on the site.

It is super convenient and modern, with no bank charges, or hidden transaction fees and you are under the protection of customer rights in which no details on you shall be disclosed. Transactions are made under a secure, guaranteed system that ensures your details are kept safe from prying eyes. All these and more have been put in place on goldgenie.com to ensure you enjoy a smooth experience

Much more interestingly, you can learn how to be a gold plating jewelry service provider. With all the fantastic packages that Goldgenie has put in place to ensure that your learning and even working as a gold plating service provider is easy and smooth, mastering gold-plating will be the most natural thing for you. It doesn’t require any prior skill, it just requires you to be willing to learn. Goldgenie backs your work, so you get their protection and whatever help it is you need, they have a team of professionals ready to guide you in the right path. You only have to obtain the gold-plating kit.

All gold plating jewelry services are affordable depending on your budget.

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