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The Goldgenie Master Franchise Mexico

As the holder of the Goldgenie Master Franchise for Mexico, you enjoy exclusive privileges to promote Goldgenie’s luxurious gifts and services within your nation, presenting you with the potential for a substantial monthly income.

What’s included with a Goldgenie International Master Franchise Mexico?

  • Exclusivity to sell Goldgenie products/services in Mexico
  • Permission to sub-franchise Goldgenie in Mexico
  • 10-50% off Goldgenie retail prices
  • Marketing and promotional material
  • Be first to promote products like the NEW iPhone 15
  • Sell directly from our no.1 globally ranked website

 Investment Price: 426,174.00 MXN

What is the Goldgenie International Master Franchise Mexico?

This exceptional opportunity grants you the exclusive authority to lead and oversee the Goldgenie brand within Mexico. You will enjoy the benefits of all sales generated within Mexico, effectively managing the luxury gold gifts and electro-plating market in the country throughout the duration of your exclusive Goldgenie Master franchise license.

Our proposal goes beyond merely reselling our opulent gold gifts; it also bestows upon you the rights to wholesale our highly acclaimed portable plating system. You will have the opportunity to establish your own team of mobile Gold Plating technicians. By utilizing the GPRO 900 metallizer, both businesses and individuals will have the capability to personalize a wide range of everyday items right from the comfort of their homes, with customization options including genuine 24k gold, rose gold, platinum, silver, copper, nickel, and chrome.


The demand for personalized luxury items remains consistently high. Founded by the renowned entrepreneur Laban Roomes, Goldgenie embarked on a mission to expand its reach and offer an even wider array of luxury customization services and products.

In 2007, Goldgenie made history as the first company to customize the Apple iPhone, thanks to an investment from the renowned serial investor James Caan during the popular TV show, Dragons’ Den. Subsequently, it gained global recognition for customizing not only Apple products but also a variety of other electronic devices.

In recent years, Goldgenie has collaborated with A-list celebrities like Simon Cowell and the Beckhams, formed partnerships with esteemed companies such as American Express and Viacom, and catered to luxury retailers including Harrods and Selfridges. The brand has even provided its luxury products for prestigious events like the Emmy and Oscar awards.

Given this remarkable track record, we are actively seeking motivated and dedicated individuals or corporations to join us in continuing our journey of success and expanding the Goldgenie brand within Mexico.

  • Depending on the country, investments can start as low as 426,174.00 MXN which will include products. Offering an extremely attractive commission and discount structure, Goldgenie guarantees between 10% -50% off Goldgenie luxury gifts and product retail prices.
  •  Please contact us to discuss the specifics of Mexico.
  • Exclusive right to sell our products and services in Mexico
  • Permission to sub-franchise the Goldgenie brand in Mexico
  • 10% – 50% off Goldgenie luxury gifts and products
  • All Goldgenie marketing/promotional material and artwork
  • Sell products directly from our no.1 globally ranked website
  • All products shipped from the UK and Dubai retail store

As the holder of a Goldgenie Master Franchise, you possess the exclusive rights to market Goldgenie products and services in Mexico, providing you with the opportunity to generate a substantial annual income.

Leveraging this momentum, Goldgenie made a significant impact in the electronics market by offering gold, crystal, and even diamond-encrusted iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices.


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