Luxury Gifts | Solid Gold iPhone 12

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You cannot name ten precious stones without mentioning gold or platinum, you cannot name the top 10 smartphones without naming the iPhone 12, neither can you name the top 10 gold plating companies without naming Goldgenie. Stay on top of your game with the all-new Luxury Gifts solid gold iPhone 12. If you read the […]

2019 – Goldgenie Launch the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Goldgenie Launch The iPhone11 Pro And Pro Max

Your browser does not support the video tag. The 24k Gold iPhone 11 Pro and Max models are the most anticipated Apple product to date and becomes Goldgenie’s best selling product launching in their retail Dubai shop.

2017 – Gold Barber Chair

2017 – Gold Barber Chair

Famed Black British artist Faisal Abdu’Allah commissions Goldgenie to create a Gold Barber Chair which goes on display as a modern-day ‘work of art’ Gold Barber Chair

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