With just over a day to go until our 24ct. Gold iPhone 6 range is available to pre-order from our online shop and selected APR stores Goldgenie look back over the years to when we 24ct. Gold plated the first ever iPhone in 2007.

To date we have supplied Luxury Gold iPhones to practically every country in the world and the soon to be launched iPhone 6 already has clocked up over 300 pre-order sales to our loyal customer database wanting to secure theirs first – we have been flown to the Emmy Awards and Viacom hosted Hollywood parties to gift VIP’s with our luxury products, supplied and worked very closely with Middle Eastern and Asian Royal families and worked with a host of celebrities all because of the Apple iPhone.

Over the years we have built a great relationship with APR’s (Apple Premium Resellers) who are designating a very limited number of iPhone 6 stock to us as what is anticipated as the highest profile launch of any phone the world has seen.

Visit our site this Wednesday 13th August at 4p.m to secure your 24ct. Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum Elite along with the Gulf state series iPhone 6 range with a 50% deposit before our pre-order designated amount is sold out.

Goldgenie founder: Laban Roomes.IPHONE6ADD blog 24ct Gold iPhone 6 almost available to Pre Order