Centric & new partner Goldgenie

Centric & new partner Goldgenie

“Centric is an innovative dual-token digital currency and decentralized blockchain protocol built on sound economics. The dual-token model rewards adoption with a fixed hourly yield, and stabilizes over time as it self-regulates token supply to meet ongoing changes in demand.”

Centric’s Ecosystem Expands

Real-world adoption is probably one of the best validation signals for a project because the increased token utility tends to boost prices and brings new attention to the project.

Over the past couple of months, the Centric Swap protocol signed a handful of partnerships with companies like Tourvest Travel Services and Absolute World, which will allow CNS to be used as a payment option for travelling expenses.

Other big partnerships include a collaboration with Goldgenie, which specializes in high-end luxury items like gold-plated cell phones and a partnership with the decentralized cross-chain bridge CroxSwap.

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Goldgenie Wealth Creation Systems

At Goldgenie we have four packages available to enable you to participate with and profit from our global success.

  •  The Goldgenie Partner Programme allows you to re-sell for a generous profit margin our luxury range of Gold iPhones and selected products – including our NEW 24k Gold, Rose Gold & Platinum iPhone 13 range.
  • The Goldgenie Business Opportunity is for the entrepreneur or hobbyists looking to set up their own local gold or silver plating services as a Goldgenie Certified Professional.
  • The Crystalgenie Business Opportunity again is for the budding entrepreneur or hobbyist looking for an affordable start-up business that allows them to embellish everyday items with stunning Swarovski crystals.
  • The Build your own plating kit is for the individual looking to set up his/her own gold or silver plating establishment to create an extra income from home.

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