In anticipation of Apple’s iPhone 6 launch, Goldgenie have been offering their 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum versions at the same price as their current customised iPhone 5s to customers who pre-order before the official launch, expected to be led by Apple’s CEO Tim Cook tomorrow on Tuesday 9th September. 2,500 people have been invited to the launch event at the Flint Centre in Cupertino, California, for the first glimpse of this year’s most highly anticipated smartphone. It is expected they will also receive the details on the new features of iOS 8.

Through their relationships with premium Apple resellers, Goldgenie have been allocated a number of iPhone 6 smartphones for their pre-ordering clientele. These phones will be available for customisation once they arrive in stores soon after the launch. Goldgenie have been offering their customised iPhone 6 smartphones for pre-order in 24K Gold, Rose Gold and Platinum in their classic Elite range and the Swarovski Crystal logo Elite. The phones will also be available in the limited edition Gulf Collection, featuring laser engraved emblems of the 7 Gulf states. Not only have Goldgenie been offering the iPhone 6 at their current customised iPhone 5s price to pre-ordering customers but they are also offering an unprecedented lifetime warranty on both customisation and the device itself.

Packed with new innovations and expected to be more expensive than its predecessors, Goldgenie will be raising the price of their customised iPhone 6 by 20% once Apple have made their announcement tomorrow. Several pre-orders have been placed already from customers all over the world and there is still time to join them and secure your luxurious Goldgenie iPhone 6 at its lower price.

Click here to pre-order your Goldgenie iPhone 6 with a 50% deposit.

Screen Shot 2014 09 08 at 13.05.15 Price of our 24K Gold iPhone 6 to go up 20% tomorrow. Make sure to order yours today!

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