The 24K Gold Aviators Dream – The Super Model Airplane

We’ve all heard about and seen private jets that are Gold plated on the inside but how about a private jet that is Gold plated on the outside?! That’s exactly what Goldgenie’s craftsmen came up with recently as they launched “Aviators Dream” a fleet of limited edition 24K Gold plated model airplanes.

Beautifully crafted in the shape of a Boeing 777 and marked with the emblems of top international airlines British Airways, Emirates, Qatar Airways and the newly launched “Goldgenie Air” ; ) these planes will be limited to 99 of each emblem making them an excellent collector’s item.

On request, we may also adorn one of these elegant planes with the branding of your own imaginary airline or name, making it a one off model.  Beautifully presented on a velvet podium, the 24K Gold Aviators Dream is an excellent and unique gift for any aviation enthusiast or model airplane collector who would like to add a supermodel to their collection.


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