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A life of Luxury. 

Brian and Goldgenie kiosk.11 300x225 The American Gold RushBrian and Goldgenie Kiosk  in the exclusive Westfield shopping Mall Fox Valley Chicago.

  It was the discovery of gold that allowed the the United states of America to grow and prosper many years ago. For retired Dentist, Dr Brian D. Ruby, it will be the discovery of ‘Goldgenie’ in the USA that will enable his investment in the brand to succeed and flourish. The  major gold rush in the United States was in Cabarrus County,  in North Carolina  in 1799 at today’s Reed’s Gold Mine. Then in1848 the California Gold Rush  began stimulating a worldwide interest in prospecting for gold, and led to new rushes in Australia, South Africa, Wales and Scotland. In a similar sense the success Laban Roomes’s Goldgenie in the UK has stimulated an influx of investors to spread the brand name throughout the world, and now Goldgenie operates in over 11 countries.

 Dr Brian D. Ruby, from Naperville decided to invest in Goldgenie due to his love for gold, and Apple products, especially Iphones. He believes that “there is no better way than to marry the two things I love and sell the products that Goldgenie offers”. Dr Ruby had seen many of his friends and neighbors purchasing gold plated Iphones before he had even heard of Goldgenie, but discovering the company had the best products around he thought it would be pure ‘Goldgenie’-ous to bring the Brand over to America, with their main offices located at 114 N, Washington, in the heart of downtown Naperville, Illinois.  Naperville is a vibrant, thriving city consistently ranked as one of the best places to live. For instance in  2005, the city was named as one of best places to live in the United States by Money Magazine. The city was also named as one of Fortune Small Business‘ Best Places to Live and Launch in 2008. So lets hope this is still true today. Goldgenie USA tells us, “we are just starting to see the fruits of our labour through inquiries directed the website and the products that get the most attention at the moment are the Gold Iphone Elite edition with the Swarovski crystals”

They are also looking forward to getting the Gold Iphones in the hands of many celebrities this year, and is sure the Prince William and Kate edition phone will be a popular edition to the US market.

Image 991 300x224 The American Gold Rush

“The Price of Gold is rising and I believe this has had and will continue to have a positive effect on sales. Those that are expecting gold to continue to rise enjoy carrying something that has value. As we start to spread through the US market people can feel confident about their investment”. (Dr Brain D. Ruby : Goldgenie Investor USA).

The franchised company has established itself in Chicago with only 4 employee’s, however the owner has urged us to contact him again in 2012 to discover how much it has grown. With only one month into production the Goldgenie team in the USA have high hopes for the company as it is prospering more each day. They are about to announce a competition for the a Goldgenie Iphone 4 after teaming up with a number of local restaurants, it will include email offers to those that sign up for the US based Goldgenie newsletter. They are also considering a Chicago land contest that will help promote their products locally before they make the move to spread across the nation.

  Keen to see if Americans have any specific Golden desires we wanted to know if they have received any unusual requests. The response was nothing out of the ordinary however we are told that one customer is so excited about the services that Goldgenie provides, “he wants to gold plate everything from his PS2 to his TV remote. Also, car badges produce some requests that are quite unique. Who would think to gold plate an emblem for a Chevy Camero (which is already gold in Colour).” (Dr Ruby: Goldgenie USA

 The owner of the new branch in the US is extremely excited about the infancy of the Goldgenie brand and wants the whole of America to be talking about the unique luxury products that are on offer. In 2011  we are anticipating a different type of Gold rush… A rush to get your exclusive Goldgenie products. You can browse the website and send any inquiries to [email protected]

 (Goldgenie is now looking to expand into Hollywood, Manhatten, Atlanta and Miami Beach.?????)


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